Sports Massage x Yoga

Sports Massage x Yoga - Nottingham City

Tailored to a person’s individual needs, this particular package will bring together two disciplines including sports massage and yoga.

If you already attend regular yoga sessions with Anand, you will know he loves to bring anatomy into his classes and oversees individuals practice. This enables him to identify areas where an individual may have an imbalance and this provides a great foundation for him to work from. Nevertheless, Anand will carry out the necessary postural assessments as part of your first visit to identify the problem areas and advise how to go about resolving them through both Sports Massage therapy and Yoga based movement and breathwork.

The regular use of a sports massage therapy and the mindful practice of yoga can prevent many forms of musculoskeletal injuries & issues by detecting muscle fatigue, postural imbalances, inflexibility and minor strains and sprains.

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