See all our class offerings below. We have a variety of classes available to suit the needs of all our members.



Pure Sun Salutations that will energise the body, stretch and strengthen all major muscle groups in sun salutations. Perfect to awaken the spine in the mornings before work.

Ideal class for all levels from beginners to advanced.



Dive into the flow as we ride the breath over the waves of the body-mind, linking breath to movement for a floaty series of sequences designed to restore the sense of flow to our lives.

We will move through sequences with the option to progress or modify throughout, so you an flow with where your body is today.



Yin Yoga concentrates on floor postures that stretch connective tissue, the ligaments and fascia that bind bone-to-bone at the joints. Deep stretching allows for proper joint alignment and overall better balance within the body.

All levels are welcome and can benefit from this deep practice that promotes mobility and strength.



Yin/Yang Yoga is a class that balances the newly developed Yin yoga practice for the first half of the class with traditional Yang yoga practices for the second half of the class. This class can provide you with a practice that starts with deep, introspective, and quiet yoga that evolves into an energizing and uplifting yoga that sets you on your way for the rest of your day.



Fire up your core with HYN Core Flow.
We’ll work through a series of poses to build powerful abdominal muscles that will help to create more ease and efficiency in your movements and transitions both on and off the mat. This twisting flow sequence will help you get deep into your core to unlock power, strength, and lightness. Sweat it out in this core strengthening class.



Take the next step in your practice with a more dynamic flow of postures in this 90 minute vinyasa style dynamic flow class. Hold the asana’s for longer duration to build a strong foundation that will get the heart pumping.

Expect to sweat and get a workout in this challenging class. It is the perfect class to reset your body and your mind for the weekend.



A heated yoga class designed to detoxify, strengthen and improve flexibility whole promoting concentration and clarity of mind. Hot Hatha is an in depth practice with detailed alignment. Sweat it out in this heated class.

All levels / Experience recommended



Sivananda is a form of Hatha founded by Swami Sivananda and brought to the west by Swami Vishnu-devananda.
A class typically begins with Savasana (relaxation pose), kapalabhati and anuloma viloma, followed by a few rounds of surya namaskara.

This is a 60 minute class suitable for beginners through to experienced.



Warm Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic practice, incorporating the physical, spiritual, and mental. It’s focus is on breath, spirituality, meditation, chanting or mantras, hand positions or mudras.

This class can help in spiritual awakening. This happens as the Kundalini; the untapped basic life energy or prana residing at the base of the spine is activated, drawn up through the body, energising each of the seven energy centres.

This class is open to all levels with postures ranging from easy to intense.